Waste Management is an Opportunity 

We should not view waste as a problem. Instead, we can see waste as an opportunity. Waste management is all about recycling material, which is a commodity of great value. 

We should treat waste as a valuable resource. Waste management opens doors, offering opportunities for job creation. Plenty of opportunities exist for those seeking jobs in this sector. 

Remade is tackling the landfill problem by transforming what some view as trash. Let us create value from reusable products. With our waste management solutions, we can transform your waste into a resource that builds the future. 

Why We Think Waste is Valuable 

Recyclable material is not wasteMany have discovered waste is a valuable commodityWe view waste as something we can buy and sell. 

How We Determine the Value of Waste 

Product values vary based on supply and demand. First and foremost we trade waste products locally and where there is an excess supply, then all around the World. Global supply and demand will determine the value of these waste products. 

We have over three decades of experience at Remade. Our primary focus is on ethical waste management. 

Waste Management Right on Your Doorstep 

Everything we do is with the best interests of our clients in mind. We endeavour to work alongside youOur goal is to find the best waste solution for your business. We will find a solution that is the most suitable, affordable, and effective for your unique situation. 

At Remade Recycling, we take waste seriously. Let us sort your waste right on your doorstep. There is no need for recyclable waste to end up in landfills. We will transform your waste right where you are. Our workers are trained on how to sift and sort your wasteOur trucks collect the separated waste from your site and transport it to the Remade branch. At the Remade branch the recyclable waste is sorted, baled, and finally sent to the recycling manufacturing plants and mills. 

How We Tackle Your Waste Challenges: 

  • We offer complete onsite solutions 
  • Remade will carry out a free onsite waste management audit 
  • This allows us to assess your waste generation  
  • Our team will tailor a waste management service for you 
  • We tailor waste management to suit the needs of your business. This is regardless of the size of your business 
  • We handle waste across numerous industry sectors 

We Offer a Full Onsite Service 

  • Trained consultants assess waste generation for your niche business 
  • We optimise waste management solutions for your industry 
  • Our onsite sorters and relevant equipment come to your site to maximise extraction of recyclable waste 
  • We minimise the disposal of waste 
  • Our trucks will transport sorted recyclable material to our bailing facilities. We do this with a fleet of over 150 vehicles 
  • Our teams apply responsible steps to dispose of non-recyclable waste 
  • We find sustainable alternatives to landfill solutions 
  • Our clients get accurate and professional reporting 

We are Taking on the Landfill Problem 

We view waste management as a brilliant way of tackling landfill problems. It is our mission to transform one of the single largest human challenge into a brighter future for all to enjoy. We pride ourselves on being a dedicated waste management company. Our aim is to divert waste from overburdened landfills.  

The Remade Difference 

Let us transform your waste into something of value. We believe in a circular economy, and we are transforming the future of waste. One business at a time. 

We’re Here to Help

Talk to us about your waste management needs so that we can work together to create a better, cleaner future for everyone.

Got Any Questions?

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