Our main focus will always be to encourage waste minimisation and separation of waste at source, however we pride ourselves on offering solutions that are customisable and can help companies achieve their clean. That’s why Remade Recycling facilitates viable and sustainable solutions for the non-landfill disposal of non-recyclable and hazardous waste material. Additionally, we offer reuse solutions and not merely safe disposal, thus closing the loop on hazardous and non-recyclable materials as well as recyclable materials.

Our solutions for non-recyclable waste streams include:

  • Organic waste which is sent to composting facilities or alternative energy facilities.
  • Hazardous sludges and liquids (used as kiln burner fuels).
  • Pharmaceutical waste (non-health care risk waste).
  • Contaminated / non-recyclable materials, such as plastic containers with chemical residue, which can be processed, granulated and used as high-calorific value alternative fuel source to coal.

Our solutions for serious levels of hazardous waste include:

  • Liquid waste treatment:
    • Brine management facility
    • Oil and water separation
    • Acid/alkali neutralisation
  • Solid waste treatment:
    • Physical treatment
    • Chemical treatment
    • Physical separation
    • Filter press
  • Waste derived fuel blending platform:
    • Treatment of sludge with a high calorific value and waste restricted from landfill with a 40% or higher moisture content used as alternative fuel at various cement kilns.
  • Refuse derived fuel:
    • Shredding and baling of non-recyclable material to generate alternative fuel with applicable calorific value to use as alternative fuel at cement kilns and boilers.
  • Safe disposal facility services.
  • Bio remediation of hazardous waste.
  • Composting of biodegradable waste.
  • Sample analysis and classification of waste streams generated.

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