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 Remade is dedicated to reducing waste to landfill and ensuring that our customers are legally compliant in terms of the National Environmental Management: waste Act, 2008 (No. 59 of 2008).

We do this by offering services to assist in our customer's waste management requirements.

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onsite waste management programme

 By combining a mix of in-house capabilities and 3rd party service provider relationships, Remade is able to deliver a comprehensive cost-effective waste management service with solutions tailored to your individual needs, designed to:

               - maximise recyclable waste extraction;

               - minimise waste disposal to landfill;

               - save you money, and;

               - make you legally compliant. 

After analysing your current waste system, Remade will consolidate your waste management requirements in a seamlessly integrated service, covering all eventualities and providing one point of contact, one contract, one monthly bill and one source of reporting.

By managing your entire process we are able to select appropriate systems and procedures, maximise the use of equipment and labour, and offer a streamlined, great-value solution.

Complete on-site waste management and recycling covers everything you need to consolidate your waste and have it taken off site effectively. Whether this involves a simple office paper collection service or a full on site service including trained sorting staff with appropriate equipment, the solution will be in harmony with your needs.

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residential estate recycling programme

Remade Recycling's collection service for the Residential Estates is consistently done regardless of whether the collection day falls on a public holiday, except Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

Living in a Residential Estate, one expects a certain living environment. Residents who choose to take responsibility for ensuring the preservation of that living environment for themselves and their children choose to join the Recycling Revolution with Remade.

  1. Remade makes developing a daily habit of recycling very easy.
  2. Remade will teach residents how to recycle;
  3. Special recycling bags are provided specifically for the collection of recyclables from Residential Estates;
  4. Mixed recyclables are placed into the bag - No sorting is required (for the Residential Estate Recycling Programme only).
  5. The bag is placed outside the home once a week on collection day - no need to take the recyclables anywhere.
  6. Remade's dedicated Estate Recycling vehicle fleet collects the material from each house each week - even if your collection day falls on a public holiday.
  7. The material is taken to our dedicated sorting facility. This is a job-creation opportunity for entrepreneurs.

You'll have to try really hard to find a reason NOT to join this Revolution.

Please note that the service of collecting mixed recyclables is limited to the Residential Estate Recycling Programme. All other material delivered to the branches must be sorted unless an Onsite Sorting service is contracted.

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commercial recycling programme

Every business generates waste. 

And it is every business manager's responsibility to manage this waste responsibly.

Remade's Commercial recycling programme will assist by analysing your waste flow and implementing an appropriate system to manage the waste, significantly reduce general waste to landfill and achieve legal compliance.

As your waste management specialist, Remade will:

  • focus solely on your waste management;
  • free your staff and thereby increase their productivity;
  • achieve financial savings on waste upliftments;
  • ensure environmental responsibility;
  • achieve your legal compliance

By managing your entire waste process we are able to select appropriate systems and procedures, maximize the use of equipment and labour, and offer a streamlined, great-value solution with a single point of contact.

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industrial recycling programme

Regardless of the size of your business, Remade has a waste management solution that can be tailor-made to suit your specific requirements. 

Whether using our own resources or those of third-party operatives for services such as hazardous waste management, biological, medical and general waste management, Remade will be your single point of contact for all waste management operations at your site.

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office recycling programme

Every office generates waste, especially paper, in varying quantities. It should be every individual's responsibility to ensure the preservation of their environment as well as the cleanliness of their work station. 

Remade's office recycling programme will assist with putting systems in place to ensure all staff participate in the greening of their office.

Remade can supply desk-side paper-bins and other collection receptacles as well as educational information and posters showing how and what to recycle. Remade will provide a collection service for all sorted recyclable material and offers a rebate for these materials.

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value added services

In addition to the above, Remade also offers: 

  • CFL Lighting lamp solution
  • Confidential document shredding with certificates of destruction
  • Waste management reporting and document tracking system 

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