If we all play our part and look at waste as an opportunity and not a problem, we can collectively dedicate ourselves to finding new ways to transform the single biggest human challenge into a chance to change the future of our world. That’s our belief.

How we achieve this vision is to use over three decades’ worth of experience to develop and continually improve a range of ethical and efficient solutions.

Our services include:

  • Full onsite waste management: Services include onsite staff and equipment, separating recyclables and non-recyclables, extracting recyclables from the waste stream, daily or weekly collections of recyclables from site, general waste collections, reporting, alternative solutions to non-recyclables, hazardous waste solutions, and diversion of waste from landfill.
  • Mixed recyclable service: Materials are collected and sorted. This service is available to residential estates only.
  • Collection only: Equipment is placed onsite for you to sort your recycling using your own staff, which we will then collect.
  • Office or site clear-out: This is a once-off service where we collect large bulk recyclable waste.
  • Event waste management solutions: We provide customisable solutions to suit the waste management needs that your specific event requires.
  • Office recycling.
  • Logistics and distribution.

On-Site Waste Management Solutions

This is our full onsite solution that can be customised to suit the needs of companies of all sizes and from most industry sectors. We offer a free onsite waste management audit so that we can accurately assess your waste generation and from there, our team will tailor a waste management service that suits your individual needs.

Persona at a recycling facility
Test tube with chemicals

Hazardous Waste Management

Remade Recycling offers hazardous waste management solutions as a value-added service for customers who receive our onsite waste management and recycling services. In keeping with our desire to help and never to harm our people, your company, or the environment, you can expect us to make every effort to ensure that these solutions are environmentally beneficial as well as cost effective.

Alternatives to Landfill

Our main focus will always be to encourage waste minimisation and separation of waste at source, however we pride ourselves on offering solutions that are customisable and can help companies achieve their clean. That’s why Remade Recycling facilitates viable and sustainable solutions for the non-landfill disposal of non-recyclable and hazardous waste material. Additionally, we offer reuse solutions and not merely safe disposal, thus closing the loop on hazardous and non-recyclable materials as well as recyclable materials.

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Reporting and Information Management

In everything that we do, we make sure that it’s open, honest, and engaging. This approach is applied to the detailed monthly reports of the waste generated by your company. By creating reports that are easy to engage with, you’ll be better positioned to keep up to date with our processes and, importantly, your waste management progress.

Recycling Training

Part of our approach to working with you is to go above and beyond to see that your goals of creating a more sustainable future are achieved. That’s why we use our considerable knowledge, educational resources, and cleverly designed posters to assist with the training of your staff. This helps solidify the information about the different grades of recyclables, how to sort them, and what the correct methods are.

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Remade recycling vehicle

Residential Estate Recycling

Those who choose to live in a residential estate have done so with certain expectations in mind. For many, it is about security, while for others it is about the surroundings and lifestyle benefits that come with a cleaner, cared for environment. We are the right partners to deal with residential estate recycling because we understand just how important it is to care for our living environment and have dedicated ourselves to creating ethical, convenient waste management solutions. We also invite all residential estate resident to join with our Recycling Revolution in an effort to preserve the planet for generations to come.

Event Waste Management

Events hold a key place in every business’s agenda, whether it is to celebrate an achievement or provide your customers with an experience that lasts long in their collective memories. Not only is it an opportunity to create a branded memory, but there’s also an opportunity to do good. Given that we’re passionate about helping people in every way possible to navigate waste management, it’s fitting that we have innovated an event waste management solution that can be customised to suit your event.

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Shredded paper

Confidential Shredding

Your confidential recyclable materials are handled with the utmost care and discretion. We have implemented a strict policy on how confidential material is processed, which we have outlined here as transparently as possible.

We Buy Recyclable Waste

Recyclable material is not waste. It is, as many have discovered, a valuable commodity and we believe it must be treated as such when being bought and sold. The value of recyclable material is determined by a few factors, for instance, you’ll find that different products have different values in different areas, depending on supply and demand and the economic climate of the region. It’s also worth noting that recyclable material is traded internationally, so values are susceptible to global supply and demand.

The good news is that because Remade Recycling is part of Mpact Group, we have the advantage of being able to negotiate best prices for our customers in a very competitive market. Please contact one of our branches for current buy-back prices of recyclable materials.