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mandela day 2016

 Mandela Day is actioned in so many different ways in South Africa and each person has their own interpretation of what it means to "be more Mandela". This year Remade Recycling chose to honour one particular group of our suppliers.  While most people see them as a nuisance on our roads and in our communities, Remade views the street hawkers as an integral part of our business. So on 18th July 2016 Remade, together with Spa Sense Consultancy, descended on Remade's Elandsfontein BuyBack Centre in Germiston and gave the Hawkers that visited the centre a wonderful surprise. On any ordinary day the hawkers can expect to arrive at the buyback centre, have their recyclable material weighed and get paid for it. Today, not only did they receive their payment, but they were also served a meal of a boerewors roll, pap and coldrink.  Remade strongly believes in sustainability so the hawkers also received gifts that would last them longer than one day.Each hawker who visited the centre was given a new blanket, toiletries and their choice of second-hand clothes and shoes to take home. We had a great day of joviality at the buyback centre and everyone who participated and who visited the centre enjoyed it very much. Another example of how Remade supports the people who have loyally supported us over the years.





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