Remade Recycling provides fully customisable, onsite waste management solutions for companies of all sizes and from most industry sectors. Our purpose is to help companies navigate the future of waste by focusing on maximising the extraction of recyclables from the waste stream and reducing waste to landfill. We implement separation-at-source practices and help your company achieve significant reductions in the amount of waste sent to landfill.

Each service is tailormade to suit the needs of your operation, so not only is it cost effective and environmentally favourable, but you will also benefit from the support that you need during the process.

Sectors We Operate in

  • Printing
  • Packaging manufacturers
  • FMCG
  • Retail
  • Commercial
  • Manufacturing
  • Residential estates
  • Logistics & distribution

Typical Businesses in Each Sector and Examples of Current Customers

Sector Description Examples of Customers
Printer Small and medium format litho and digital printers Minuteman Printers,

Boksburg Printers, Caxton, Media24

Packaging Manufacturer Detpak, Masterpack, and Britepak Masterpack, Britepak, Mpact Recycling, Lufil
FMCG Factories that manufacture consumer goods Tiger Brands, Edward Snell, Amka, Kevro
Retail Retail stores and distribution centres Pick n Pay, Builders Warehouse, Makro
Commercial Shopping centres, office parks, and property Developers, such as Broll and Ablin Mall of the North
Manufacturing BMW, MA Automotive, Lion Match Products
Residential Estate Midstream Estates, Blue Valley, Centurion Golf Estate, Xanadu Eco Estate, Irene Farm Village, Candlewoods, Westlake, Woodlands

We Buy Recyclable Waste

Recyclable material is not waste. It is, as many have discovered, a valuable commodity and we believe it must be treated as such when being bought and sold. The value of recyclable material is determined by a few factors, for instance, you’ll find that different products have different values in different areas, depending on supply and demand and the economic climate of the region. It’s also worth noting that recyclable material is traded internationally, so values are susceptible to global supply and demand.

The good news is that because Remade Recycling is part of Mpact Group, we have the advantage of being able to negotiate best prices for our customers in a very competitive market. Please contact one of our branches for current buy-back prices of recyclable materials.