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South African retailers will reward shoppers for re-using their new stronger shopping bags

 South African retailers will reward shoppers for re-using their new stronger shopping bags.

Shoprite and Checkers have recently launched their new stronger shopping bags. While the bags will cost you R3 each, it is believed they will last for many shopping trips and you will receive 50c off your shopping  every time you reuse the bags,  according to Business Insider report.

The new bags are made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic and are almost 3 times thicker than the standard shopping bags.

With an average of only 5% of people who reuse their shopping bags worldwide and 2 million shopping bags being thrown away every minute, Shoprite and Checkers are hoping that they will start to change consumer behaviour by rewarding them for reusing their shopping bags.

And Shoprite & Checkers are  not alone in their quest to phase out single-use shopping bags. Woolworths will be introducing their new re-usable plastic bags in November and Pick n Pay will soon be introducing South Africa's first compostable supermarket bags.

The bags to be introduced by Pick n Pay are made of vegetable matter such as maize (cellulose) and potato starch, and claim to break down after three to six months depending on conditions.

Vegetable packaging in Shoprite and Checkers stores such as  "ripe and ready" avocado punnets are already compostable and a large range of other fully biodegradable and compostable vegetable packaging will be on the shelves from early November. 

It would seem that retailers and packaging manufacturers are beginning to heed the calls of the consumer to become more active in the war against waste and plastic volumes in particular.

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