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Do you recycle?

Remade Recycling buys and sells all grades of recyclable material including paper, plastic, cans, glass, eWaste.
We do not deal with pelletized plastics.
We do not supply machinery and baling equipment.

What does recycling mean?
Very simply it means to take something that has no value, or has lost its value, and change it into something different that has a different value.

What does Remade do and what services do they offer?

  • Buying and selling of any volume of all grades of recyclable material
  • We can arrange to collect from customers who have a regular supply of more than 5 tons of recyclable material and where arrangements are discussed with the branch manager
  • Onsite waste management solutions -- read more
  • Residential Estate Recycling Programmes - -  read more
  • Confidential shredding
  • Assisting with the implementation of:
  • Office recycling programmes -- read more
  • School recycling programmes -- 
  • Assisting with the facilitation of hazardous waste solutions
  • Reporting and information management

Will you collect recyclable office paper from our office?
Remade will assist with explaining how to recycle in your office and will assess if there is more to be recycled than just office paper. They can assist with implementing your office programme and help you to buy the right containers. Remade can collect the recyclable material from your offices, if you are situated close to one of the Remade branches (within 50km), and if you collect at least 5 tons of recyclable material per week.
If your collection centre is not close to one of our branches, or if you have less than 5 tons per week, you will have to arrange for your material to be transported to one of the branches or buy-back centres.
Our consultant can advise you on the best solution.

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Where does Remade operate? read more
• Remade operates in the following areas only:
a. Gauteng
i. Germiston
ii. Springs
iii. Newtown
iv. Wynberg
v. Randburg
vi. Randfontein

b. Tshwane
i. Pretoria West

c. North West Province
i. Rustenburg
ii. Klerksdorp

Will you collect my material from Limpopo Province?

If you are situated close to one of the Remade branches (within 50km), and if you collect at least 5 tons of recyclable material a day, you can negotiate with the branch manager to arrange for one of our trucks to collect your material. The minimum amount that we will collect is 5 tons.
If your collection centre is not close to one of our branches, or if you have less than 5 tons per day, you will have to arrange for your material to be transported to one of the branches or buy-back centres.

What grades of recyclable material does Remade accept?  more


  • White office paper
  • Coloured paper
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Newspaper
  • Magazines & books
  • Cereal boxes etc


  • PET clear – clear cold drink bottles, mineral water bottles
  • PET mixed – coloured cold drink bottles eg sprite, stoney etc
  • Light plastic clear – plastic packaging, sandwich bags, certain detergent bottles, shrinkwrap, bubblewrap
  • Light plastic mixed – shopping bags
  • HDPE – milk bottles, coke bottle lids
  • Polyprop – icecream tubs, butter, margarine, yogurt tubs, garden furniture, plastic buckets


  • Food & beverage cans – aluminium & metal


  • Beverage glass bottles only


  • Compact fluorescent lights
  • LED lights
  • Fluorescent tubes

Liquid Packaging

  • Milk cartons
  • Juice cartons
  • Wine cartons


  • any electronic gadget operated by electricity or battery including:
  • computers, TVs, cell phones, electronic games, small appliances, large appliances, stoves, fridges, airconditioners etc

Do you buy / supply pelletized / flaked plastic?
No we don’t. Remade buys and sells recyclable material only.

How can I contribute to the recycling revolution?
By actively recycling and making it a way of life. Follow the basic principles of “reduce, “reuse”, “recycle”.

REDUCE the amount of natural resources that you consume.

  • If you don’t need it, don’t buy it. Sounds simple but we all make that mistake.
  • Use less water,
  • Switch off the light if you’re not in the room,
  • Buy products that have the least amount of packaging or that have packaging that can be recycled.
  • Look for products that are made from recycled material. Remember what you buy creates the demand for what is made.

REUSE what you buy at least once before you dispose of it.

  • use both sides of the paper before throwing it away,
  • reuse cardboard boxes,
  • plastic bottles can be washed out and used as a container for something else,
  • use food cans as plant pots,
  • 2L coke bottles can be used as a garden sprinkler system – the list is endless.
  • Use old newspapers as wrapping paper

RECYCLE whatever can be recycled by collecting used paper, plastic, glass, cans etc and selling it to a recycling company.
Remember that even though the packaging says that it’s recyclable, the technology to recycle it may not yet exist in South Africa so recycling companies won’t buy it. If you’re not sure about a certain product, phone us and enquire or, better yet, bring a sample of it to one of our branches where the manager will inspect it and conduct tests of the type of material it is and advise you on its recyclability.

What can be recycled?
In our daily routine we come into contact with more things that can be recycled than those that can’t.
The main grades of recyclable material are:
a. Paper -- read more

b. Plastic -- read more

c. Glass -- read more

d. Cans -- read more

e. eWaste -- read more

f. CFLs -- read more

I have collected lots of recycling material like paper & glass, what must I do now?

  1. Must be clean
  2. Must be properly sorted
  3. Bring it to one of our branches or buy-back centres where we will weigh it and pay you according to the going price for that grade.

Must I sort the glass into different colours?
That is not necessary

Must I take the labels off the glass bottles?
You can leave the labels on the bottles

I have a lot of glass bottles. How do you want it? crushed or whole?
We prefer to receive the bottles whole as it is safer to work with and transport

Do you recycle printer cartridges?
Remade takes most electronic waste but not printer cartridges.

Do you recycle batteries?
Ordinary lithium-ion batteries are not recyclable.
Remade does take car batteries and deep-cycle batteries for recycling

Must I remove the staples from my office paper?
It is not necessary to remove the staples from the paper as that is separated from the paper during the pulping process at the paper mill to which we sell.

Are there minimum or maximum volumes that I must supply?
There are no min/max volumes but payment is made per kg so the more kgs you supply the better.

Is it necessary to separate our plastics prior to dropping them off at one of your branches?
There are 7 different grades of plastic and all of them have a different value. The better your material is sorted the better pricing you can receive. See list of recyclables for all the types of plastic you can recycle for more information.

Do you buy the can pull-tabs?
Remade buys aluminium and metal cans including the aluminium pull tabs. We prefer not to buy just the tabs but would like the whole can.

How do we get paid?
When you bring your clean, sorted recyclable material to any one of Remade’s branches or buy-back centres we will weigh the material and immediately pay you in cash according to the current price per kg for that grade

Is recycling lucrative?
Like any business, recycling takes organisation, dedication and hard work. Recycling will not supplement your income overnight but over time you can develop it into a successful business. Remade Recycling started in 1987 with one man and one bakkie collecting cardboard and selling it to Sappi. Over the past 27 years the company developed into what it is now – the largest independently owned trader of all grades of recyclable material in South Africa with 9 baling operations in 3 provinces. But that didn’t happen overnight.

Do you supply the onsite collection containers for plastics and boxes?

  • Where Remade provides an Onsite Waste Management service we may place collection containers which could include bulk bags for paper, plastic etc, cages for cardboard (k4), 30m³ containers, skips for glass, wheelie bins etc. These containers should be filled with recyclable material and removed by Remade daily.
  • Remade does not provide collection containers to be placed at a site that we do not manage but where bulk material is generated and sorted by the customer for sale to Remade an arrangement can be discussed.
  • Bulk bags and small boxes for paper can be purchased from any one of the Remade branches.
  • Remade does not sell bins, cages and skips
  • Remade does not sell baling machinery or any other large equipment.

Do you rent out your trucks?
Remade does not rent out its trucks or any other vehicles

Do you do curbside collections?
Remade does not do curbside collections.

Can anyone supply remade?
Remade has 9 branches and 8 buy-back centres where we buy any quantity of clean, sorted recyclable material from anyone. We buy all the grades of recyclable material including white paper, newspaper, cardboard (flat-packed), plastic, coke bottles, cans, glass bottles (beverage bottles and food bottles).
We pay different prices for different grades. You just need to take your recyclables to the branch or buy-back centre closest to you where it will be weighed and you will be paid in cash immediately.

Buy-back centre development suggestions
Remade is always on the lookout for areas that would benefit from a buy-back centre or drop-off depot. However, these depots require substantial resource investment in terms of staff, equipment and logistic arrangements and must prove to be both sustainable and financially viable for Remade. Any proposals for the development of new buy-back centres are welcome and Remade will take all business proposals into consideration.

How does one go about actually recycling?
Recycling is very easy.

How can I earn money by recycling?

If you want to make some extra money, recycling is a good way to go about it and you know that you’re looking after the environment at the same time.

How can I start my own business / or become an agent for remade?
What should I know if I want to start my own recycling business / buy-back centre?
Like starting any business, to become a recycler requires some research.

How can I become an agent for Remade?

  1. Becoming an agent for Remade is very easy.
  2. Register as a vendor
  3. Find a collection site
  4. Secure a good source of material
  5. Have enough containers to collect the material.
  6. Have transport to get it to a Remade branch

Starting a recycling programme at the office

Every business generates waste!

Companies everywhere are starting to become aware of the effect they have on their immediate environment and are increasing their efforts to GO GREEN!
In addition, there is a LAW in South Africa that states that every producer of waste must take responsibility for their waste and recycle as much of it as possible (National Environmental Management Waste Act, 2008. Act 59 of 2008)

In the workplace, sustainability starts with the employees as they are the ones printing on paper, drinking out of cold drink cans and bottles, etc; and this is what is usually thrown into the rubbish bin without too much thought.
Most people only think about the paper that an office can recycle, but there are other recyclables that are generated in an office environment such as plastic, glass, cans,  cardboard boxes, eWaste, etc.
On average, up to 90% of solid waste generated in the workplace can be recycled. So establishing an office recycling initiative won’t just reduce your carbon footprint, but could also save your business money as well as earn you business a little extra money.

click here for more information on office recycling

Starting a recycling programme at school

It’s never too early to teach children to be aware of the environment and to develop an affinity for their earth.
Recycling is one of the best places to begin and starting a programme to get the whole school involved can be very rewarding for everyone involved.

Contact us to find out how we can help you to implement a programme at your school.

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