We're a recycling company making a difference in South Africa and the World. Let us bring green waste management solutions to you with a free on-site audit.

Remade is an Ethical Recycling Company

At Remade Recycling, we take your business waste seriously. Using ethical, intuitive waste management solutions, we process waste onsite. Let us transform the waste of today into the resources of tomorrow. We want a better world for all, and we want to achieve it through ethical waste management.

We Develop Customisable Solutions for All Businesses

Get tailored waste management solutions from us. We work with all companies, regardless of size and industry sector.

Our focus is on extracting the greatest amount of recyclable waste from the waste stream. It is our aim to reduce the amount of waste finding its way to landfills. We tackle the landfill crisis faced by South Africa at present.


How Do We Achieve Waste Minimisation?

  • We focus on the minimisation and separation of waste at source
  • Remade Recycling, together with its sister company Mpact Recycling, has 14 branches in South Africa
  • Together our teams and dealers sort and bale over 600,000 tonnes of recyclable material
  • Remade Recycling branches are conveniently located. This is for the best support and efficient implementation of our services.
  • The recyclable material comprises a variety of grades including paper, cardboard boxes, plastic, cans, and bottle glass.
  • We then sell our recyclable material to recycling manufacturing companies including Mpact Paper and Consol Glass.


What Happens to Non-Recyclable and Hazardous Waste Material?

Our system takes recycling to the next level. We are so much more than just a recycling company. Our teams sort recyclable materials for reuse. We dispose of non-recyclable and hazardous waste materials responsibly. Not all waste is equal. We find sustainable solutions for as much waste as possible that cannot be reused.


Why Make Remade Your Number One Recycling Company?

We take the needs of our clients’ businesses to heart. Our clients are our active business partners. The approach we take to your waste management needs is efficient and cost-effective. We like to work alongside our clients. This is for the greater good of all concerned.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for business waste management. At Remade Recycling, we will tailor your waste management solutions, so they suit your business and industry.

We are an Accredited Member of the Institute of Waste Management

Let us transform your waste management. We are an accredited member of the Institute of Waste Management and part of the Mpact Group. Our focus is on the recovery of recyclable material. We offer alternatives to landfill through our recycling services.


What is Our Aim as a Recycling Company?

Our aim is to help companies navigate the future of waste. We manage this through our customisable waste management services. Our offers include cost-effective waste management to companies of all sizes. We can change the landscape of the future of waste by working together. Through cooperation, we will achieve a better, cleaner world to live in.


We are Making a Difference One Piece of Waste at a Time

Recycling has become a pressing need in South Africa and globally. It has become a priority. We need to find sustainable and innovative solutions for diverting waste. The less waste that finds its way to our landfills, the better.


We Close the Loop on Waste

We are closing the loop on waste. Let’s all get through this environmental crisis together. If we all stand together and play a part in managing waste, the difference will be palpable. As a company, we’re dedicated to tackling the landfill crisis head-on.

Every piece of waste makes a difference. Every piece of waste diverted from landfills will make a small move towards a cleaner world. Each of us needs to change our own waste management habits, too. We know that all big changes start with small actions. Get a free waste management audit today!

Our National Footprint

As part of the Recycling business, Remade Recycling and Mpact Recycling have a national footprint of 15 branches.

The business collects and receives over 500,000 tonnes of waste annually from many sources including buyback centres, dealers, large and small formal and informal collectors, waste management programmes, and education and community programmes which is delivered directly to our branches or to our central distribution centre which delivers to the Mpact paper mill.

The branches have been strategically positioned for efficient implementation of all services. Not only is there back-up support, but all branches are fully equipped with the latest baling equipment and our sites are permitted according to the National Environmental Management: Waste Act, 2008 (No. 59 of 2008).

We only purchase clean, sorted recyclable material from both large and small scale suppliers. The grades of waste handled by Remade Recycling include most grades of paper, plastic, food and beverage cans, food and beverage glass, and eWaste.

Anyone can bring any amount of sorted recyclable material either to one of our branches or to one of our buy-back centres.

For more information about our branches and processes or prices please contact the Remade Recycling Head Office or contact one of our branches.

Why Recycle?

It was estimated by the Department of Environmental Affairs in 2012 that 65% of the waste that we produce in South Africa is recyclable, which is good news. However, out of the 90% of waste that’s landfilled, only 10% is actually diverted and recycled. Then in 2017, the Department of Environmental Affairs’ South African Waste Information Centre came back to us and reported that over 19.2 million tonnes of general waste and one million tonnes of hazardous waste went to the country’s 825 landfill sites. Shockingly, the landfill sites in Johannesburg, Tshwane, and Cape Town are reporting less than 10 years of useful life left in them, and with little or no opportunities for building new ones, it’s safe to say that we’re running out of space.

The pressure is on for recycling in Africa, and recycling in South Africa in particular to become a priority. As companies and communities, we have to find innovative ways of sustainably diverting waste from landfill. And as individuals, we need to let go of the old idea that our few plastic bags don’t contribute to existing landfill mountains. When there are 7 billion of us out there, what we do on our own does matter collectively. Every piece of waste makes a difference. Every piece of waste could be diverted from landfill and recovered for reprocessing or repurposing. We must make positive changes in our own waste management habits – because big changes start with small actions right at home.

If this rings true for you, then perhaps the first place to start is by asking yourself the question, ‘What can we recycle?’ And thankfully, we have the answer for you, as well as a recyclable materials list, so please get in touch and our experts will help answer all of your questions.

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Why Choose Remade Recycling As Your Partner in Your Waste Transformation?

Remade Recycling is an accredited member of the Institute of Waste Management and a key part of Mpact Group. With over three decades’ of experience in ethical waste management solutions, we have an especially strong focus on recyclable material recovery and alternative to landfill services. Our aim is to help companies navigate the future of waste through our customisable and cost effective waste management services and we believe that by working together, we can revolutionise the future of waste and create a better future for all.

At Remade Recycling, we are dedicated to providing ethical waste management solutions. Unlike many other recycling companies, we aren’t just focused on collecting your recycling waste. We are upfront and honest about our commitment to recyclable material recovery and alternative to landfill services so that we can help people, communities, and companies navigate the future of waste.

Since 1987, we have been committed to working with businesses who want to successfully manage their waste streams, regardless of volume and type. Today, we are just as committed to delivering sustainable solutions that suit each individual business site and waste stream – and with staff in over 150 sites in Gauteng, we ensure that our waste solutions are cost effective and fit in with your operational processes.

When you partner with Remade Recycling, your needs will be accurately assessed so that we can draw only the appropriate resources from our strategically positioned baling operations and extensive vehicle fleet and equipment stock. In this way, we can ensure operationally practical resource allocation. Added to this, we strive to make economic and ecological sense through closed loop sustainability supply and manufacturing processes, which is especially vital for companies who support environmental sustainability and place high importance on conserving resources and optimally managing their waste. For those companies, a closed loop approach is the goal and as an accredited member of the Institute of Waste Management and a key part of Mpact Group, we know what it takes to deliver this.

Importantly, through our close, reliable connection with Mpact Group, the largest paper recycler in South Africa, we can supply recyclable materials as a raw-material input source to its paper mills. This means that companies partnering with us are guaranteed an offtake for their paper products, and particularly their cardboard, liquid packaging and white paper, which is fed directly into Mpact Group manufacturing processes.

Ultimately, we believe that by working together, we can revolutionise the future of waste and create a better world for all.

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In everything that we do, we make sure that it’s open and honest so that we can ensure that your waste management efforts help you maintain your environmental responsibility and legal compliance. Please take a moment to review our compliance certifications.

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