Do you want your packaging company to contribute to a greener environment? We discuss how onsite waste management in South Africa can help you get started.

Packaging companies may feel they drew the short straw when it comes to increasing their sustainability. It can seem harder to become a sustainable company that is good for the environment when you produce packaging that contributes to the world’s waste problems.

Your packaging company can go greener even if you have no experience in recycling and sustainability. Here are 4 simple steps your business can take to begin the journey towards a greener environment.

4 Steps to a Greener Environment

  1. Reduce the Volume of Waste Being Produced.

Your company can become more sustainable and better for the environment by lowering the amount of waste being produced that would just go to landfill or is unrecyclable. Consultants can advise you on ways to recycle in your production line and help you shape a holistic approach to creating products that meet industry regulations.

  1. Increase the Volume of Waste Being Recycled.

Each month packaging manufacturing companies produce tonnes of recyclable waste, along with general and hazardous waste products. When a professional onsite audit is conducted, it often highlights a need to increase the volume of waste materials being recycled.

This waste can be recycled instead of going to landfills. It can often improve your carbon footprint, save costs on waste disposal, and can even help improve your bottom line! You don’t have to take on the recycling on your own. Remade Recycling can streamline the process and help you begin your recycling journey.

  1. Minimise Waste to Landfill.

The waste materials your packaging company produces must be disposed of somehow. You can contribute to a greener environment by minimising the amount of waste that goes to a landfill.

In the process of reducing waste-to-landfill, your packaging company can develop the potential for additional revenue streams. Our responsible waste management system can put money back into your account with our cost-effective processes.

  1. Start by partnering with an onsite waste management company

Leading manufacturers in the South African packaging industry are finding flexible solutions by partnering with onsite waste management companies. By partnering with a professional onsite waste management company such as Remade Recycling, packaging manufacturers can reach their zero waste-to-landfill goal.

What is On-site Waste Management and How Does it Benefit Packaging Businesses?

Here’s how our onsite waste management works:

  • Our trained consultants will assess the waste your packaging company generates. We do this regularly and will optimise waste solutions.
  • We place sorters onsite.
  • We supply the equipment necessary for the extraction of recyclables. The result is the minimisation of waste products ending up as municipal waste.
  • Once the waste has been sorted, we transport the recycled materials using our fleet of 150 vehicles.
  • Non-recyclable waste and hazardous waste will be disposed of responsibly.
  • We offer you a professional, accurate report.

The Benefits of Onsite Waste Management

  1. Recycle Waste Volumes.

Waste is not trash. It is a valuable commodity that is bought and sold.

The value of recyclables can be determined by several factors:

  • Various products have different values depending on supply and demand.
  • The economic climate will determine the value of waste products.
  • We trade waste products beyond our borders.
  • Values are determined by the global supply and demand of recyclable materials; currently, there is a shortage.
  • The packaging industry is no exception and is often vulnerable to economic global fluctuations.
  1. Meet Environmental Regulations.

The South African government has gazetted strict new rules to increase recycling. The rules aim to reduce the amount of waste entering our overflowing landfills. South Africa’s landfill crisis is being addressed through these and other environmental regulations.

Environmental regulations have affected businesses across the board, and the packaging industry is no exception. The rules and regulations include new targets for recyclables involving everything from plastic packaging to glass bottles. Manufacturers and importers need to ensure that products are returned and recycled after use, a process that can form part of closed-loop recycling.

The strict new regulations require manufacturers of plastic packaging, glass bottles, electronics, paper and cardboard packaging, and other goods to include an increased amount of recyclable materials in their products. This process can form part of a circular economy approach. Manufacturers are solely responsible for their products and where they end up.

How to Start Implementing Better Waste Management

  1. Use Separation at source Programmes.

Separation at source programmes separate hazardous, general and recyclable waste at the source of the waste instead of at landfills. This saves resources and increases the efficiency of the process. It can also lower the costs of processing packaging waste.

More and more waste is being treated through our innovative recycling and recovery processes. Enhanced developments enable us to use waste as a resource – we don’t think of waste as junk. We offer the packaging industry specialised reclamation and recycling processes. This has enabled us at Remade Recycling to help clients cut their carbon emissions and broaden their disposal options.

  1. Let Us Assist with Your Waste Management Plan.

Packaging uses plenty of resources including chemicals, petroleum, minerals, wood, fibres, electricity, and water. It also generates air emissions such as greenhouse gases, heavy metals, metal particles, and wastewater. In addition to that, we know taking on waste reduction can seem like a daunting task, but we are here to help make it easier for your company, no matter how large your enterprise is.

Get Your Free Waste Audit Today!

Get a free audit for your onsite waste management. This applies to packaging, and other, companies in South Africa. We offer you an integrated approach, giving you support and tailored solutions to your needs. Let us introduce waste recycling at your site. Our onsite waste management solutions for packaging manufactures ensures less waste goes into our landfills.

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