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What Does “Going Green” Mean for Packaging Companies?

Going green means taking steps in your processes and products that will result in a more positive impact on the environment and the sustainability of your activities. It can include things like using recyclable materials, processing your waste responsibly and using ethical sources for your raw materials. Energy-efficient processes and machinery can contribute, as can using alternative energy sources.

What are the Benefits of Going Green for Packaging Companies in South Africa?

Going green benefits the environment and your community. It can create jobs, contribute towards a circular economy and reduce greenhouse gases. Sustainable projects include recycling solutions from sourcing materials through to the final product. It helps reduce waste to landfill and can even help you make more money as a company.

7 Steps to Going Green for Packaging Companies

It may seem like an insurmountable challenge to go green when you are a packaging company, but the truth is you are a key player in a more sustainable economy. Products produced in the local market are packaged using the products you produce, whether plastic bottles, boxes, plastics, or other forms of packaging.

If you take steps to make your products and the way they are created greener, your efforts have a knock-on effect on your customers and the community around you. Here are 7 things you can do to go greener as a packaging company in South Africa.

1. Use Recyclable Materials for Your Packaging Products and Projects

Volumes of superfluous products are finding their way to our landfills. The packaging industry has the advantage of a clear first step to making their business greener: using recyclable materials in the packaging products they produce.

Embracing sustainable packaging has the potential to help businesses reduce costs by avoiding emission and disposal levies, and to increase turnover by meeting growing consumer demand for products that are sustainable and have a reduced environmental impact.

Your packaging company can consider creating recyclable plastic alternatives to the current products you produce for packaging. Taking steps towards making such products could be easier than you expect. You can partner with a recycling company and find creative ways that will benefit the planet.

2. Implement Responsible Ways of Reducing Energy Use During Production

A primary cause of many of the world’s difficulties is the overuse of fossil fuels. Using renewable sources of energy, such as wind, tide and solar power, offers a sustainable solution for manufacturers. Many businesses in the packaging industry, have opted to use a measure of renewable energy in their manufacturing processes.

3. Apply Sustainable Waste Management Solutions and Use Recycling

Not all waste management solutions are alike. You can apply more effective waste management solutions that are more beneficial to the environment and the community. Waste material can be processed in ways that don’t result in fuller landfills and dirtier oceans.

Start by partnering with a waste management company that offers recycling services and owns recycling facilities. Recycling doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Our teams can sort your waste onsite to separate recyclable materials from toxic materials and other forms of rubbish. We will make sure they go back into the economy and that as little as possible will end up in solid waste landfills.

4. Work with Responsible Resource Suppliers that Apply Ethical Practices

Have you asked where the resources you use in production come from? Your raw materials may be produced in unethical ways or incorporate unethical practices such as harvesting methods that have negative impacts on sensitive ecological areas.

Working with manufacturers that prioritise sustainability is a smart move. Packaging companies should look for manufacturers and raw material suppliers that share like-minded principles. These should include responsible practices in how resources are planted, treated, processed, harvested and transported.

Also find out about your suppliers’ use of sustainable methods, materials and greener energy solutions. Your manufacturing partner should use manufacturing processes that align with your sustainability goals. A big question to ask is what they are doing to minimise their ecological and carbon footprint.

5. Develop Innovative Sustainable Packaging and Eco-Packaging Solutions

The manufacturing of packaging uses considerable quantities of raw materials, water and power. This can often mean your company has a considerable negative effect on the environment, even if it is not intentional. If you want to improve your sustainability, you can work on a sustainable packaging strategy. The aim should be to refine your company’s manufacturing processes to make the best use of clean technologies and best practices.

Any sustainable packaging strategy should, therefore, seek to reduce or remove such materials or, where this is not economically possible, put safety controls in place. You can get your creative team involved in designing new, innovative solutions and products that will delight your customers and reduce your negative environmental impact.

6. Audit Your Onsite Waste Management Systems

An audit of your onsite waste management will include an onsite assessment. The idea behind an onsite audit is to identify and track the waste stream your packaging company produces. This includes the processes from generation to disposal.

Onsite waste streams can often be messy and mismanaged. There may be gaps in the process that a reliable service provider can exploit to help your business reach its waste reduction goals. Choose a waste management company who can offer you tailored solutions to your packaging company’s unique waste challenges.

7. Work with an Effective Onsite Waste Management Company

A reputable waste management business will assess how your business processes waste. We can help you with the disposal, recycling and more efficient management of waste. If you produce hazardous waste, we can help you dispose of it ethically.

Our waste management service is underpinned by years of experience and connections that can make all the difference. We also recycle every material possible to boost your recycling rate and benefit your sustainability indicators. Contact us today for a free onsite assessment