Do you want to make a positive impact on the environment as a business in South Africa? Here’s why onsite waste management is the solution you have been looking for.

Why Choose to Manage Business Waste Onsite?

There are distinct benefits when businesses manage their waste onsite. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that there is a single point of contact. Waste management companies can understand and manage waste subjectively.

Having an onsite perspective of managing waste will allow us to reduce the amount of waste generated by your business. This is a brilliant way to keep waste out of South Africa’s landfills. Additionally, you will reduce your environmental impact.

How Does Effective Waste Management Impact the Environment?

Businesses with effective waste management plans in place can reduce their impact on the environment. They achieve this by reducing the waste that goes to landfill through proper waste management solutions.

Methods such as sustainable packaging are marginally effective, but without onsite waste management, they cannot effectively ensure recyclable materials don’t end up polluting our world. An effective way to reduce waste-to-landfill is by implementing onsite waste management.

Choose a reputable waste management company to ensure your legal compliance for the industry sectors in which you operate. At Remade Recycling, we will put an effective onsite solution in place that suite your company’s needs. Allow our waste management services to transform your waste footprint for good.

The Wild Coast Sun is a Shining Example of Business Recycling

A brilliant example of an ambitious recycling effort is the Wild Coast Sun property.¬†Sun International is the first business on the continent of Africa to receive the Green Building Council of South Africa’s Net Zero Waste rating for their exemplary recycling efforts.

The hotel introduced plans to do away with waste sent to landfill in 2015. The goal was to achieve zero waste to landfill. They have put this initiative in place at all its South African properties.

They are aiming to be forerunners in waste management on the continent of Africa in the local hospitality industry. Sun International is encouraging its suppliers and contractors to introduce waste saving initiatives. Your business can be a shining example too – partner with us to begin your better waste management journey.

5 Steps to Stop Your Company’s Waste from Entering Landfills

  1. Training Employees to Respect the Environment.

Practice what you preach. Or, in this case, educate all your employees from the top to the bottom to manage waste. It is important for all employees to be committed fully to waste management. Putting a clear plan with waste management protocols in place is a good starting point.

  1. Minimising Packaging.

When you minimise packaging to fit the product, it will assist in the reduction of the size of the packaging. There is no need to pack a tiny item in a large box with piles of paper and bubble wrap. The result is that your packaging will produce less waste that needs to be processed.

Taking small steps, such as reducing the thickness of the packaging, will also make a difference. Businesses can save on packaging costs by taking small measures such as these. They can also reduce waste, and by doing so, help save the earth.

Don’t you think it’s time to make your packaging functional? As an added benefit, you’ll enjoy reduced waste costs and your waste footprint.

  1. Use Recyclable Packaging.

Packaging for products that’s recyclable is key to improved sustainability. Paper and cardboard packaging are recycled right here on our doorstep!. If you use recyclable materials, your business will be responsible for less waste pollution.

In addition, an onsite waste management service, such as the one we offer, can help ensure these recyclable materials are reused and recycled responsibly instead of ending up in landfills. We can help you ensure recyclables don’t enter the waste stream.

You can turn your recycled waste into money and at the same time reduce greenhouse gases by partnering with us.

Finally, you can incentivise the return of recyclable materials by implementing take-back programmes for your customers.

  1. Reduce the Amount of Waste not being recycled

Ensuring the amount of waste produced being recycled is important. Regular audits will show businesses where they can become more effective. You can get a FREE waste audit from Remade Recycling today. Your business can make a difference by cutting back on waste ending up in landfills through better waste management.

  1. Use a Reputable Waste Management Company.

You can get money from your recyclable waste. Your trash is valuable. Recycling transforms trash into valuable commodities. The recycling of waste also offers employment opportunities. Remade will work with you to achieve a zero waste-to-landfill goal.

Our onsite waste management service is closing the waste gap. Reduced amounts of waste end up in landfills. South African businesses can beat the environmental crisis by working together for a cleaner future.

Our professional, dedicated team will customise a comprehensive onsite waste management solution to suit your needs based on a free waste audit. Let us put in place a waste diversion solution that will give you peace of mind.

The aim is to reduce the negative impact on the environment. If the goal of your business is to achieve sustainable solutions from an environmental perspective, you can choose to partner with us. We offer onsite waste management solutions for everything from hazardous waste to recyclables.

Are you a business or an individual? By answering a couple of key questions, we will get a bigger picture of what your needs are. At Remade Recycling, we pride ourselves on doing our best. We go the extra mile to ensure the management of waste in your company is taken care of in an efficient and professional manner. Get your free waste management audit today!