Do you want to find effective, easy, affordable ways to better manage the waste your company produces? Find out more about the top 3 waste management solutions in South Africa.

For effective waste management solutions, businesses need to partner with a waste management service provider that can adapt to their specific needs. The company you choose should comply with legislation and be up to date with the latest innovations in the industry. From white paper to glass bottles, recycling companies can partner with waste management companies like Remade Recycling to bring you the most sustainable solutions.

Remade Recycling as part of the Mpact group, is bringing innovative solutions for waste management to businesses throughout South Africa. No business is too big for us to manage.

With many years of experience in waste management, we provide a full suite of waste management products to companies of all sizes. Let us match your problem with a unique solution with our free waste audit.

3 of the Best Waste Management Solutions We Offer

The waste management industry in South Africa is evolving. It is one of the most efficient on the continent of Africa. The worrying part is that it is that large volumes of waste are still ending up going to landfill and not getting into the recycling stream quick enough. Even when there is a shortage of waste in the market like now.

At Remade Recycling, we are doing all we can to ensure future generations live in a cleaner, safer world through ethical waste management solutions. Our trained staff will help you find a solution to fit your individual needs. As one of the top waste management organisations in South Africa, we know our onsite waste management service can improve the future of waste in our country.

  1. On-Site Waste Management.

Our waste company offers a range of services to help cut down the waste ending up going to our landfills. Our on-site waste management service has been created to tackle waste generation right on your doorstep. This means sorting waste on site to separate hazardous waste from actual recyclables.

The result is less waste reaching landfills. Onsite waste management is an effective method. You will not need to send waste to recycling yards or pay waste removal fees to waste removal companies.

  • Expert Waste Assessments

Our waste management operation includes using trained consultants. Our consultants will regularly assess the type of waste and the volume generated by your business. With many years of experience in waste management, our onsite sorters will maximise any extraction of recyclables.

  • Free Onsite Waste Audit & Reporting

Our free onsite waste management audit will gauge your waste generation rates. Let us help you find a workable solution for your business. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, offering solutions tailored to individual business needs. We offer businesses expert, consistent reporting of waste generation.

  • Waste Transportation Services

Our onsite waste management offering includes the transportation of sorted recyclable material. Our teams take these to our baling facilities. With a fleet of over 150 vehicles, the operations of waste management are guaranteed to run smoothly. We factor fleet costs into our waste audit.

  • Hazardous Waste management

We carefully assess your hazardous waste management needs. Any waste that cannot be recycled is evaluated. We will then find sustainable and environmentally responsible alternatives to dispose of hazardous materials. This includes E-waste recycling.

  1. Confidential Shredding.

We offer confidential recycling handled with discretion. Our teams execute strict policy and safety programmes with the utmost care. Let us process your confidential materials to ensure customer satisfaction. We offer this confidential customer service to ensure your sensitive material does not end up in the wrong hands.

Our confidential document disposal service process:

  1. Documents are placed in slotted bins and are locked with recorded seals. Documents often include customer accounts, customer database information, and other highly confidential information. This waste management platform has been designed to give our customers peace of mind.
  2. Once the bins are filled, the sealed bins are then transported to the shredding facility. We take these to the nearest Remade Recycling facility that has an onsite shredder.
  3. Once the sealed bins reach our waste company facility, the seal is broken under CCTV.
  4. We then empty the bin before it is reweighed in its empty state.
  5. Your business waste is then moved to the shredder. These waste activities are all done under the strictest supervision.
  6. Once shredded, the waste is moved to the baling process, and a destruction certificate is issued.

Avoid sensitive documents ending up in the waste stream by using our confidential baling and/or shredding service. We take the management of waste seriously, especially the disposal of sensitive information. Your customer accounts and other customer database information will not end up in the wrong hands.

  1. Recycling as Part of the Circular Economy.

Whilst South Africa is doing alright as a recycling nation, waste is still finding its way to our landfills – and this is becoming a huge challenge. At Remade Recycling, we are offering businesses our services to encourage effective waste management through the separation of waste at the source.

Sorting waste onsite will assist with the circular economy. Recyclable waste materials won’t end up in landfills or in our oceans if we can separate them first and then include them in recycling streams. Each piece of waste makes a difference.

You, as a responsible business, have the potential to create social and economic opportunities through our recycling programmes. There are plenty of opportunities in the recycling market. Excess waste products can be traded locally and globally.

If you feel it is time to divert more waste in South Africa away from landfills to responsible avenues, then supporting the circular economy is a definitive step in the right direction. Waste is not a problem. It is an opportunity to convert recyclable waste into a valuable commodity.

Remade Recycling Waste Solutions

We offer a complete solution that can help your company begin its waste transformation journey, from recycling waste to other waste management efforts. Contact us today for a free waste audit and transform your waste management habits for good.