Is Your Business Serious About Eco-Friendly Solutions for Waste? 

Does your business take waste disposal seriously? Are you concerned about using eco-friendly solutions for waste management? If you are, then look no further than what our teams at Remade have to offer you. 

We are more than mere waste management company. We tackle waste on your premises. Allow us to sort and assess what does and does not find its way to landfills in South Africa. It’s a simple way to make a big impact on a positive future for our world. 

Who Are We and What Do We Do? 

What makes us unique? We tackle waste management solutions right on your doorstep. Unsurprisingly, the waste management industry is a forward-thinking, fast-growing fieldThat is why we use a layered approach to tackle the issue of waste management at a grassroots level. 

Our company brings innovation into waste management. This makes us one of the leading waste management companies in our field. Our teams sift and sort waste to ensure we recycle wherever possible. Waste that we cannot recycle or reuse we dispose of in a safe, secure, and responsible way. 

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure 

Waste and trash are a reality of life. The waste management industry is competitive and vibrant. Let us carry out a waste audit for your business to find out what your waste management needs are. 

We view waste as something of value. Through ethical, intuitive onsite waste management solutions, we know we can transform the trash of today into the valuable end-products of tomorrow. 

Recycling is the responsible step for all those who strive towards a better, cleaner, safer world. Think of this as one of your small steps leading to large strides towards a greener futureJoin with us to transform the waste landscape into something positive, ethical, and valuable. Our waste management company believes it is possible! 

At Remade Recycling, we aim to develop solutions that are manageable and customisable to assist companies of all sizes. Large supply chains and blue-chip businesses can now maximise their recycled materials from the waste stream. We’ve got the smart way of reducing waste, adapted to suit your business. 

Your company can have a minimal effect on the environment and reduce the vast amounts of waste that finds their way to landfills. Recycling companies in South Africa are trying their best to make strides to solve the large issues that South Africa faces. Let’s work together to reduce the overflowing landfills in our beautiful country, South Africa. 

Why Are We Different from Other Waste Management Companies? 

Here’s why Remade is leading waste management company ideal for solving your waste management challenges: 

  • We separate your waste at the source, including recyclable and non-recyclable waste 
  • We offer businesstobusiness solutions for large and small businesses 
  • No job is too difficult or too large for us to tackle 
  • We offer solutions that are customisable and tailored to your unique needs 
  • We offer ethical, intuitive onsite waste management solutions 
  • The waste of today is recycled into tomorrow’s resources (paper, cardboard, plastic, glass) 
  • Waste is separated from recyclables at the source, thereby minimising what goes to landfill. 

Why Do We Separate Waste at the Source? 

  • Separation of recyclables from non-recyclables at the source (on your premises) allows us to minimise waste going to landfills. 
  • As part of the Mpact Group, one of the largest paper and plastic manufacturing companies in South Africa, the Recycling business collects and receives over 600,000 tonnes of recyclable material per annum including paper, plastic, cans and glass. 
  • We then sell this waste to various leading manufacturers that use waste materials as a raw input source to manufacture new materials. Two great examples include our very own Mpact Paper mills and Consol Glass. 
  • Our teams can also tackle alternative non-landfill disposal of non-recyclable waste materials. 
  • Our goal is saving the environment in cost-effective ways.  
  • Remade Recycling guarantees an affordable approach suitable for your company. We don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” solution. We want to partner with you and work closely towards a better future for all. 
  • Our trained fleet of more than 150 vehicles has the capacity to deal with your waste management. 
  • We also offer accurate, expert reporting. 

Tackling the Landfill Crisis in South Africa 

  • Each customer site has its own requirements and its own unique needs. 
  • One of the benefits of having Remade Recycling operating on your site is that companies have a single point of contact. 
  • Waste management onsite means we can better understand and manage your unique waste management challenges. 
  • In doing so, we can maximise the amount of recyclables that are extracted from the waste that your business generates 
  • We assist in ensuring environmental responsibility is taken seriously by decreasing waste that will end up in landfills, offering advice and solutions. 
  • We streamline your waste flow, resulting in greater environmental sustainability. 
  • Remade Recycling has also identified and developed sustainable and responsible solutions for the non-landfill disposal of non-recyclable or hazardous waste. 

The Remade Difference 

Experience the relief of waste well managed and the surprising benefits today. We offer businesses full onsite solutions that can be customised to suit your company’s needs, no matter what size it is. Get a free onsite waste management audit today 

We can accurately assess your waste generation and suggest improvements or fixes. Our team will take it from there by tailoring solutions for waste management for your specific needs. At Remade Recycling we believe that through ethical, intuitive onsite waste management solutions we can transform the waste of today into the resources of tomorrow.