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What to Look Out for When Choosing a Waste Management Company 

Our primary focus is developing tailored solutions to assist businesses of all sizes. We offer our business services to industries right across the boardOur aim is to extract as many recyclables as possible.  

We source these from the waste stream. This will minimise the waste that reaches our landfillsIt is a step in the right direction towards addressing the landfill crisis, as we tackle waste at the source. 

How We Reach Our Goal to Minimise Waste in Landfills 

What we do best is to focus on waste separation at source which is on your doorstep. Here  we separate the grades of recyclable material which we then sell to recycling manufacturers. For recyclable, non-recyclable, and hazardous waste, we help find sustainable non-landfill solutions 

How to Source a Recycling Company in South Africa 

Select a waste management company accredited with the Institute of Waste Management. Choose one that is a key player in the industry and part of the Mpact Group. For those not awareRemade Recycling and Mpact Recycling are South Africa’s largest collectors of recycled packaging. According to RecyclePaperZASouth Africa has over 1.2 million tonnes of paper and paper packaging collected from post-consumer and pre-consumer sources annually for recycling. Let us play a role with your waste management. 

What Business Owners Need to Know About Waste Management 

Business owners need to realise that managing waste through sustainable waste management solutions is not a problem. Viewing waste as a unique opportunity will turn what might seem a problem into smart way of paving the way towards a cleaner South Africa, enjoyed by all. 

What Makes Remade a Leading Waste Management Company 

  • We are a proudly accredited member of the Institute of Waste Management 
  • Remade Recycling is part of the Mpact Group, the leading manufacturer of paper and plastic packaging in South Africa. 
  • Remade Recycling enjoys a long-standing record of accomplishment, with over three decades of experience in ethical waste management 
  • Ouprimary focus is on recyclable material recovered from businesses 
  • We pride ourselves in offering innovative waste management solutions 
  • Our unique offering includes on-site waste management and sorting. This is a practical, smart solution to tackling waste 
  • Our vision is to assist businesses with their waste challenges regardless of size 
  • We offer cost-effective and customisable waste management services to businesses from across the board. No business solution is too large or too difficult for us to tackle 
  • We believe that by working together we can make a difference to the management of waste. This is to create a better world for all  
  • With staff on over 150 sites across the province of Gauteng, we offer cost-effective, successful waste solutions. See more of Remade Recycling branches 
  • We buy waste and make sure your waste solutions are tailored to your unique business needs 

Why Choose a Waste Management Company That Will Sort Your Waste On-Site? 

Having a waste management company sort your waste onsite is a practical, smart approach to waste managementWe will come up with innovative waste management solutions tailored to the specific requirements of your business. 

Once we have sifted through your waste, the amount of waste that will reach the landfill is minimalNo job is too large for us. Let us audit your waste management to tailor a plan just for you. By using the circular economy approach, we implement a system that will eliminate waste and ensure the continued use of resources from waste products. 

Your Waste Can Be Recycled into Useable Products 

Let us do a free waste audit for you to find the most user-friendly solution for your business. We pride ourselves on being upfront and honest about the recovery of all recyclable material. 

Once we have created a waste management solution for you, our team of trained staff separates the waste on site. This will reduce the amount of waste finding its way to landfills. Our trucks collect the separated waste from your site and transport it to the Remade branch. At the Remade branch the recyclable waste is sortedbaled, and finally sent to the recycling manufacturing plants and mills. 

The Remade Difference 

We guarantee a cost-effective approach suitable for your company. We do not believe that waste management is a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Our goal is to work alongside you, ensuring you and your business find eco-friendly solutions for your waste. 

Remade is making a difference to waste produced by businesses. We are upfront and honest about our dedication to recyclable material recovery and alternative solutions to landfill disposal that will help people, communities, and companies. Let us help your company navigate the future of waste. 

Get a free waste audit on your site by answering a few of key questionsIf you have any more questions about recycling and waste management, head over to our recycling FAQs section.