Recycling and waste management has become a critical key-point for the survival and prosperity of our current society. There’s a vast amount of ways that you can recycle as a business, from paper and plastic recycling to liquid packaging recycling. Within this article, we aim to discuss some of the benefits recycling can have for you.

Protecting The Environment

Can recycling is one of the most effective ways of recycling and has enormous benefits for the environment. Aluminium cans are 100% recyclable and there is no limit as to how many times it can be recycled. Recycling aluminium saves 90-95 percent of the energy needed to make aluminium from bauxite ore and to put that into context, the energy saved by recycling one aluminium can is enough to power a television set for three hours. Not only does it protect the environment through saving energy but it also retains key natural resources.

Reduces Waste

A recent waste management report estimated that only 10% of waste was recycled but it’s been estimated that 65% of the waste (approximately 38 million tonnes) is recyclable and could subsequently be diverted from landfill and recovered to be reprocessed/repurposed. The reduction of waste filters into important facets of our society including the preservation of natural resources, the reduction of pollution as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

As a business you can make great a difference through paper and cardboard recycling. A study has shown that although South Africa recycles around 68.4% of paper, cardboard and beverage cartons, less than 10% of offices and businesses recycle their used paper products.

Grows The Economy

In 2014, the formal waste sector was estimated to be worth at least R15.3 billion in revenue, employing close to 30 000 people and supporting between 60 000 and 90 000 livelihoods in the informal sector. A recent report found that up to an additional R17 billion per year worth of resources could be unlocked if more waste streams could be beneficiated and maximised.


Recycling is a healthy option both for your business as well as the environment and your business. At Remade Recycling, we encourage waste minimisation and separation at the source, facilitating viable and sustainable solutions for the non-landfill disposal of non-recyclable and hazardous waste material. It is crucial for us to start implementing healthier options that benefit the world we live in and we hope we can help you make that choice.