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Remade Recycling, established in 1987, is a provider of tailor-made waste management solutions to all organisations that generate waste. 


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  •  Remade is an accredited member of the Institute of Waste Management of South Africa.
  • Established in 1987.
  • Trader of all grades of recyclable waste material including paper, plastic, cans, glass, Tetrapak, eWaste.
  • Handles over 225,000 tons of recyclable material per year.
  • The acquisition of Remade by Mpact Recycling (a division of Mpact Limited) in 2016 links Remade to a Mill which guarantees consistent material offtake and price stability.
  • Remade has 9 branches in Gauteng, Tshwane & NW Province
  • Fleet of over 150 vehicles
  • All branches are equipped with the latest equipment & heavy machinery to handle large volumes of recyclable material.
  • All branches & vehicles are licensed and permitted to handle and transport waste material.
  • Trained onsite sorting staff where required.
  • Collection, compaction and baling equipment is placed on site where required.
  • Certificates of destruction issued for all confidential shredding.
  • Competitive pricing for services and rebates of recyclable material.
  • Legal compliance is assured.

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