Closing the
loop on waste

We know what it takes not only to manage waste, but also to pre-empt the behaviours that we as people, communities, and companies have on the world.


Tackling the mounting
landfill crisis

We’re dedicated to diverting waste away from overburdened landfills and transforming it into value that enables a better, more sustainable environment for all.


Let’s all get through
this together

Let’s all stand together and play our part at this unprecedented time. Remade Recycling fall within the categories of businesses that are required to remain open during this time. Mpact and Remade Recycling fully supports our Government’s decisive action to contain the spread of COVID-19 with the 21-day national lock down. Read more here

Transforming the future of waste

Waste isn’t a problem. It’s a brilliant opportunity to find new, ingenious ways of transforming the single biggest human challenge into a better, cleaner future for all.

Who we are

We see waste as an opportunity and work with you towards a sustainable future.

What we do

We deliver customisable solutions to help companies of all sizes and from most industry sectors.


We encourage positive changes so that we can collectively create a better world.

Why Recycle?

It was estimated by the Department of Environmental Affairs in 2012 that 65% of the waste that we produce in South Africa is recyclable, which is good news. However, out of the 90% of waste that’s landfilled, only 10% is actually diverted and recycled. Then in 2017, the Department of Environmental Affairs’ South African Waste Information Centre came back to us and reported that over 19.2 million tonnes of general waste and one million tonnes of hazardous waste went to the country’s 825 landfill sites. Shockingly, the landfill sites in Johannesburg, Tshwane, and Cape Town are reporting less than 10 years of useful life left in them, and with little or no opportunities for building new ones, it’s safe to say that we’re running out of space.

material ready for recycling

Our clients

Everything we do is with the best interests of our clients in mind and we work closely with you to find the solution that is the most suitable, affordable, and effective.

We Buy Recyclable Waste

Recyclable material is not waste. It is, as many have discovered, a valuable commodity and we believe it must be treated as such when being bought and sold. The value of recyclable material is determined by a few factors, for instance, you’ll find that different products have different values in different areas, depending on supply and demand and the economic climate of the region. It’s also worth noting that recyclable material is traded internationally, so values are susceptible to global supply and demand.

The good news is that because Remade Recycling is part of Mpact Group, we have the advantage of being able to negotiate best prices for our customers in a very competitive market. Please contact one of our branches for current buy-back prices of recyclable materials.