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  • Remade Recycling is the largest operator and trader of recyclable material in South Africa.

  • Remade Recycling was established in 1987.

Remade provides a multitude of waste management services specialising in the minimisation of waste streams and the collection of recyclable waste. Remade is operational in most of the major regions in South Africa.

Remade Recycling is a member of the Institute of Waste Management and is very active in the war against waste. By partnering with customers and communities and providing an offtake for most recyclable products, Remade promotes separation-at-source of recyclable and non-recyclable waste.

Remade generates in excess of 20,000 tons of recyclable waste per month which is sold as a subsitute raw-material input source to South Africa's leading manufacturers and is, amongst others, a trading partner in the supply of recyclable paper to Sappi`s Gauteng Waste Paper division as well as the lrgest supplier of recycleble glass to Consol Glass SA.  With solid infrastructures and good relationships with suppliers, our business units are in a position to handle large volumes of recyclable material, including paper, plastic, glass and metal.


Latest News



  • Randpark Golf

  • 2016-09-20  
    Remade Recycling and Randpark Golf working towards sustainability together.

  • Mandela Day2016

  • 2016-07-19  
    "Ngomuntu Ngabantu" - "you must serve your fellow man." Nelson Mandela

  • Remade and World Environment Day 2016

  • 2016-06-06  
    World Environment Day is traditionally celebrated on the 5th June around the world. As it falls on a Sunday this year, Remade decided to make it a weekend affair and joined with two of their recycling suppliers to create awareness of the day and the importance of looking after our environment.

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